<Code> Editor

Online code editing. Made simple.

Fast and Lightweight

You're ready to write code as soon as you open the website. No logins, ads, or any of that annoying jazz. Code Tick is designed to be simple and efficient.

Live Editing

You start writing code, while we render it live. Easy debugging and writing, all without the hassle of saving or uploading. Don't worry about losing your work, because we auto-save all of your code.

Error Checking

Spending entire nights trying to figure out what's wrong is never fun. Instead of countless hours on online forums, try out our code linter, and save a couple of hours.

Generate Webpage

When you do finish your big project, you'll want some place to show it off! That's why we offer unlimited webpages that you can generate at your disposal.

<Code> Editor

Online code editing. Made simple.

Code Editor // FAQ

How many webpages can I generate per day? Unlimited.
Unlimited does have a limit though... you will just never reach it (unless you identify as a robot).

How do I browse other people's projects? You can't.
I plan on adding tons of features, and one of them being the ability to browse other people's projects. You should expect frequent updates to this project, and by frequent I mean monthly. Feel free to leave your suggestions :)

Code Editor // Features

-code folding
-error checking
-autosave/live editing
-higlight matching tags
-generate webpage easily

Code Editor // Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL + J to matching tags
CTRL + Space enable autocomplete
CTRL + S save project

Code Editor // Code

(Based on CodeMirror)

Code Editor // Suggestions

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